Fish Weighing 71 Kilograms Catapults Its Fishermen into the Spotlight

Some commentators sarcastically wrote, "They should keep the fish because it has granted them significant fame."

In Turkey, two Turkish men have become very popular on social media after they caught a massive fish for the first time in their lives. So, the pair drew attention of locals when they published photos with a fish weighing 71 kilograms and measuring two meters as shown in local media reports.

41-year old Murat Bilat and 33 year Tunay Zelka, his friend caught an astounding on that Friday afternoon when they were enjoying their favorite pastime near the Greek border in Edirne province. Taking it back to its habitat, they presented the fish for all in their community who enthusiastically posed with this unbelievable catch.

Footage of the big fish and victorious fishermen spread across Turkish online platforms, mainly in what was known as “X” – formerly Twitter. Some comments in social media were made half seriously that the men should keep on with this fish for it has brought them tremendous fame since these photos fly around everywhere.

Murat Bilat told local media that he has been fishing in the MeriƧ River for 20 years. He showed their astonishment at the unexpected meeting with such a big fish and how they tried to catch it when spotted.

When the fishermen got to their boat they found out that it weighed about 71 kilograms. Murat Bilat in addition stated that initially he was selling the catch at 150 Turkish liras per kilogram, which is equivalent to about $US dollars. This meant that one could buy the whole fish for about $355.


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